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Using Rapid Prototyping to create tool-less wax patterns for investment casting, with the aid of 3D dimensional CAD data, a rapid prototype wax pattern substitute can be produced in a matter of days. This state-of-the-art process eliminates the need for low-production-run wax pattern tooling.

Low quantity typically makes the investment casting process less effective because of the high costs and long lead times for wax pattern tooling. Thus, castings are typically not integrated into the system until the full-scale production phase is implemented. By using Rapid Prototyping patterns, Modern Investment Casting can have investment cast parts to test in a matter of weeks without the high cost of hard tooling.

Modern Investment Casting uses a variety of models in their prototype process. Whether it be SLA, SLS, Voxeljet, or Wax - MICC has the knowledge and the experience with all of these model materials to help you get your designs into castings in the shortest time possible.

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